Project Managment

Only by taking a portfolio view of your organizations projects can informed decisions be made about how, where and when to allocate your limited resources.


We know from experience that there are times when you or your executive team need visibility beyond the status of an individual project or program.  Even the best project managers and PMO’s, without the tools, governance and discipline to take a portfolio view of your companies projects will be unable to deliver meaningful insights into how the company is performing in terms of project delivery.


Taking a portfolio view means that your resourcing, prioritization, budgeting and risk management encompasses the needs and strategic imperatives of your organization as a whole.  Having this alignment drives better utilization of resources, ensures your projects hit the real objectives, the ones your customers want and facilitates better decision making.


Matchstick has the experience to get your portfolio under control.  Our services range from simply defining the reports and governance you need to get insight into your portfolio all the way to Project Management Office(PMO) standups and operationalizing your PMO within the governance structure you select.

Achieving successful project outcomes requires several conditions to be met.  The most important, and the one that can have the biggest impact, both negative and positive, is the selection of the project manager and project staff.


Matchstick, Inc has the ability to staff a project manager on your team who can administer your projects or be the leader that drives your toughest projects forward.  Our certified project managers leverage the established practices recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to ensure that the tasks, budget and effort on your projects are all identified and measured throughout the life of a project.


We feel strongly that the best project managers are great communicators that want to both document the mission but more importantly engage those beyond their immediate sphere of influence to work towards a common goal and complete your project.


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Is my team correctly sized to perform the work on this project? 

Is the work is getting “harder” or is my team are not working efficiently through their tasks? 

I’m about to start a budgeting and planning cycle and want to justify an increase in FTE’s but don’t know how to tell the story?


It is common to ask these questions of your team, especially in todays environment where the complexity and nature of tasks are changing.


Matchstick can help.


Our Project Management practice draws on our experience standing up and running large and global project management offices.  We can work with your team to assess the projects in your domain and determine your resource needs in the near and long term.  Our simple and proven process can deliver a resourcing plan within a short engagement of 2-3 weeks or less.  In our process we will size your projects, estimate individual resource requirements by type of resource and deliver to you detailed analysis that will substantiate your budgeting request or project staffing requirement.


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