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It’s no secret that in today’s faced-paced, globalized, technology-centered business world, web-based training (WBT) or computer-based training (CBT) have become preferred methods of training delivery for many organizations.

The methods of delivery are expansive: text, audio, images, animation, streaming video, CD-ROMs, Skype conversations, chat rooms, simulations, virtual classrooms, email, blogs, wikis, discussion boards, hypertext, social networking, and more.

The benefits are clear: it’s cost-effective for the organization, it’s time-efficient for the learners, and it’s easy to track and collect data.

The catch is this: if you aren’t meeting your organizational or training goals within your timeline and budget, then you aren’t optimizing these advantages. We can help you do that.

We at Matchstick are able to take your organization’s learning objectives and turn them into dynamic, engaging learning experiences in a virtual environment. By combining our technical expertise with our instructionally-sound design principles, we are able to design and develop high-quality eLearning that can meet your needs, save you money, and allow your learners to have flexibility and enjoyment in their training.



There are times when it is beneficial to incorporate digital media with established, traditional face-to-face instruction or on-the-job-training. Perhaps your organization would benefit from a hybrid training that combines exercises which require a physical presence with assessments or supplemental material which allow for the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of self-paced, independent learning. With a blended learning solution, we can offer just that.

The Matchstick team has the resources and knowledge required to create this mixed-mode instruction and deliver the customized seamless and comprehensive training program that meets your organizational needs. After conducting a thorough analysis to determine the most cost-efficient and effective training method for you, we are able to offer a technology-mediated instructional program that may include e-learning, m-learning, videos, assessments, simulations, infographics, PowerPoints, learner guides, job aides, facilitator guides, PDFs, or other support tools. The combinations are endless and the possibilities are limitless—but the most important thing is working together to determine and produce the best solution for you.


We understand that sometimes the most effective training takes place on-the-go. Perhaps your organization needs learners to be able to take the training in a circumstance which doesn’t accommodate for a computer-based training. Or maybe you need to ensure that feedback and support is immediate. Possibly you just want to give your learners the flexibility to take their training whenever, wherever they want to. If these sound like the route for you, then you would be interested in pursuing a training solution using Mobile learning, or mLearning.

The Matchstick team has the technical skills and design expertise to create specialized training created just for use on smartphones, tablet computers, digital readers, netbooks, and any other kind of mobile device you would need to deploy your training on. There are small but critical technical and methodical differences in training designed and built for computers and mobile devices. If you are looking for innovative, high-quality learning for this “always on” globalized society, let us work with you to create a customized mobile learning experience that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



The crux of designing truly effective outcome-based training is to ensure that there is structure and logic to our design, that learning objectives are clearly defined and supported all the way through to the knowledge checks and assessments, and that our content is learner centric. Matchstick has built a reputation for fulfilling the learner’s experience by designing content that is concise and practical for the audience.

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Sometimes it takes a fresh, outside view with technical expertise and a variety of experience to offer new ideas, innovative solutions, and overall guidance. As a company who offers top-to-bottom Instructional Design and Project Management services, we can also offer you consulting assistance in any part of these processes. Working together as a team, we can offer our services in tailoring a customized solution that meets your organization’s goals. We can offer a holistic analysis to determine needs and gaps, strategic planning insights and customized solutions, implementation strategies for new training or technologies, design and/or development process for L&D, suggestions for new technological or training applications, and more.

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One of the most important aspects of any new training or change management program is the quality of communication amongst stakeholders. We recognize that our clients are busy and have other areas of focus during rollouts, and communication plans can often be forgotten on overlooked. But without it, the plan can quickly unravel. Especially in this fast-paced, technology-based culture, we are often communicating quickly and on-the-go. Project deliverables can be passed between several departments instantly and it can spiral quickly out of control as accountability is lost. We recognize the pertinence of this communication and offer you simple, effective communication plans that address those needs by identifying key milestones, stakeholders, and points of contact for deliverables.

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We understand that your training content is at the core of your organizational mission. Getting your learners to meet the objectives in an effective and timely manner could mean saving revenue, resources, or even lives. Whether you are building a new program, improving an existing course, or transitioning to an online or hybrid platform for the first time, the experts at Matchstick are proficient at developing a solid curriculum in a myriad of industries. By working with you and your subject matter experts, we will produce programs that are instructionally sound, align with the institutional outcomes, and maintain your design parameters.

Working together, we can build a quality curriculum that focuses on the summation of the learners’ experiences under the direction of the training to acquire the knowledge, skills, or abilities necessary to achieve your institutional goals. Let us help you to build a superior training program that meets your objectives, focuses on the unique needs of your learners, and upholds your company’s fine standards.

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Matchstick can help you deliver your valuable training content to both US and international locations for specific engagements. Our team consists of only the most qualified facilitators who can demonstrate true understanding of adult learning theory and instructional design principles.  All of our facilitation staff exhibit and possess:

  • Exceptional facilitation skills with ability to engage an adult audience and present content clearly using examples and analogies
  • Strong boardroom presence; ability to present articulately and confidently under all circumstances
  • Ability to apply a variety of instructional techniques such as role playing, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos, or lectures to real-world situations and debrief activities to arrive at learning outcomes
  • Confidence; able to interact comfortably within all levels of the organization within the learning event
  • Strong communication skills with ability to listen actively, question, and respond appropriately to all participant questions and provide feedback
  • Excellent time management, organizational skills, and multi-tasking skills to manage the learning event and achieve the learning objectives

Your content is valuable and meaningful to your organizations goals and objectives.  Choose a facilitation partner that can handle it with care and deliver the results you are after. Click here to read our teams bio’s