Developing a comprehensive technology strategy and roadmap is necessary to ensure your organization extracts maximum value from its technology investments, prepares the organization for future shifts in the technology landscape, and moves IT from being a cost center to a strategic partner able to deliver true business value.


With strategy and roadmap in hand,  a technology leader can socialize a vision, seek leadership approval, and drive towards a recognized and accepted technology outcomes free from ad-hoc platforms and disruptive rogue IT organizations.

While the benefits of a multi-year IT Strategy and roadmap are clear, it can be time consuming to develop one that accommodates the all of the business drivers, budget constraints, current technology evolution(internal and external) and the asset depreciation forecast from the finance team.  Some organizations may lack the skill required to reach a thoughtful and detailed outcome.


Let us help you…

Our team has the expertise needed to assist on an advisory basis, as a team member, or by driving the full effort end to end with our full team.  We are comfortable and capable learning your organization inside and out, learning the landscape, and delivering a fantastic end product that will help you maximize future investments, handle the onslaught of change, and overcome any challenge your organization faces. Call us today!


Negotiating and securing the best agreements with your suppliers can be a time consuming and inefficient process.  The Matchstick technology team has the right balance of technology knowledge and vendor management “savvy” to help you reach an outcome todays technology leaders need.


We have helped fortune 500 companies analyze complex IT offerings ranging in the infrastructure and cloud and on premises applications.  Matchstick can help you in all phases of your process from the high-level requirements process to final selection and Statement of Work preparation.

Matchstick can customize the level of engagement you require in bringing the knowledge we have gained from negotiating multi million dollar global deals.  We can support your organization in all aspects of your vendor selection process or engage with you more tactically bring us in to assist with just a small aspect our ability to help you make the choices that satisfy your technology team and the CFO


The threats of today’s technologically-centered world are numerous and growing. In response, governments globally are increasing the amount, strength, and intricacy of regulations to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of consumer and corporate information.


These regulations include laws that: establish and implement controls, protect and assess compliance issues, identify and remediate deviations, and provide reporting about your organization’s compliance. Some of these regulations are broadly applicable laws such as SOX, PCI DSS, EFTA, C-TPAT, FAST, COPPA, FACTA, and FRCP; some of these regulations are industry-specific laws such as FISMA, NERC, HITECH, HIPAA, or PSQIA.


No matter what your industry, your organization is morally responsible to your clients and consumers, and legally responsible to your government, to uphold all of the applicable IT security standards.


We understand that the sheer degree and intricacy of these regulations can be costly and time-consuming to evaluate and implement. We at Matchstick have the expertise and experience to help you mitigate those costs by ensuring that your organization is staying compliant and employing the type and degree of IT security you require.


We can help you choose the type of solution you require – data encryption, identity management, network security, security and compliance training, malicious software prevention, security integration solutions, or physical security. Whether you need a specific piece of your IT security and regulatory compliance updated or you need to build a program from the ground up, Matchstick will help you to protect your clients and your organization.


Effective managmement of your technology is key to delivering both the features and long term value to your clients expect from your enterprise and cloud systems.  Contract and  vendor management, feature enablement, service delivery and IT resource and project planning require close and carefull management.  Our experts can help you establish the processes, governance and resourcing models that deliver the results todays fast paced organizations demand.